Why You Should Be Using the Unity Game Engine?

Unity is a practical and easy-to-use tool that encompasses less clever ideas. As technology is emerging, you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a game engine. It has the power to process simple 2D engines to a fully-featured 3D powerhouse. However, with multiple options, it can be difficult to opt for the right engine.

Let’s have a look over why should consider the engine, and how moving to the tech may not be as difficult as you think: 

A tool for Indie game developers

Unity is one of the most popular game engines that work with the people and for the people in the game application. Not only big giants but also SMEs with low budgets can now build games with tools and resources.
It is better to opt for the game studios that provide a team of dedicated mobile game developers to develop and maintain your game apps. Glownight games studios offers the best Unity game engine service in the market.

Asset store

Unity has a robust asset store that allows you to install game assets and functional extensions, ready-made solutions which easily integrate with Unity. The basic idea of Unity is to build a strong community of developers helping each other with the game development process.
Unity also helps you with project maintenance and debugging. It has a collection of multiple asset packages including 3D models, textures and materials, editor extensions, and online services.


While talking about cross-platform, don’t forget about Unity USP. Through Unity USP, games can be quickly port into other OS such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, etc.

Unity is capable to develop a Playstation 3, Xbox360, Wii U, and web browsers. Plus, it has expanded its domain to support Sony’s PlayStation Vita adding cherry on the cake.


It’s not that difficult to learn the Unity interface. While writing a code in Unity, you can create object logic and set it by dragging the codes in the IDE. Hence the IDE can be recovered via a code and easily available for logical conditioning. This will provide you a prominent prototyping, quick tests, and balancing during the game development process. 

Recent 2D push

Earlier game developers have often complained about the 3D approach of Unity and get disappointed as it doesn’t support 2D games. But with the release of Unity 4.3 complaints have been put to rest. 

Now, Unity has native 2D capabilities, supporting sprites and 2D physics, making it a great game engine to use for the development of 2D games. Unity leverages multiple game development services such as 3D, 2D and mixed approaches.


One of the major benefits is Unity provides a drag and drop environment for creating prominent game applications. A person without any coding knowledge can develop a game in Unity without writing a single code, but keep in mind your project may require programming chops. Unity developers use JavaScript, C# which has a syntax similar to that of Python. The fun fact is Unity itself is written in C++.


As we all know Unity provides a simple and hassle-free game app development process. It allows you to use a set of tools for common image processing tasks with the import of new image assets. 

Unity browser provides you web player service as a browser plugin that lets you view 3D game development. You can freely use different set of tools for common image processing tasks with the import of new assets.


 In terms of pricing, Unity is a free-to-use tool and royalty-free as well. However, there are multiple licensing fees for Unity. Like any premium app, the Unity pro version provides more prominent features compare to the free version like render-to-texture, global lighting, and a custom splash screen. The good thing is the free version of Unity is not much different from the Unity premium version.

Final Word

Above are the top reasons why you should be using the Unity game engine? If any of your doubts are yet to clear then ping us at Glownight Games studio, one of the best Unity Game Development Company. We have expert Unity game developers to recent development lifecycle and enhance your game app features to its best

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